DUE tomorrow Sunday July 19, 2020 By 5:30 PM USA time.

Write a 5 paragraph essay applying physic concepts to the geological processes of the Earth. Introduce the different Earth processes that you will discuss. The next three paragraphs need to be dedicated to the processes and the physic concept(s) that you apply to the Earth’s processes. The last paragraph should conclude what you discovered about the relationship between the Earth’s processes and physics.

****Grading Rubic****


5.0 pts


Assessment is 5 paragraphs long (each paragraph is at least 5 sentences long).


5.0 pts Exemplary
Technical information is presented in a clear and understandable manner with limited jargon.

Relationship between physics and geology

5.0 pts


Student clearly expressed what they discovered about the relationship between earth sciences and physics with supporting details that help the reader understand their point.

Earth Process Discussion

10.0 pts


Geological processes are identified and thoroughly explained, and physics concepts thoroughly explained and integrated in the explanation of the chosen earth processes.