World Literature English Paper

At the end of the semester students will be asked to submit a 5-8 page research paper on a topic of their choosing. This essay will be longer than the first essay, but can build off of the same thesis you have presented earlier (NOTE: “building off of” is not the same as “copies word for word and then adds”). Students could look at larger issues in this essay and/or ways in which one issue brings several works together. Once again, we will discuss numerous examples as the semester moves on and I will provide a more detailed rubric after the midterm.

World Literature Final Paper Rubric

Proper Formatting 50 pts.

Meeting the Proper Requirements for the Essay (5-8 pages)

MLA Formatting

Heading (Upper Left)


In-text Citations


Thesis and Proper Development 50 pts.

Consistency of Topic

Properly Developed Thesis

Every paragraph should work towards backing your thesis


Understanding of the Text(s) 50 pts.

Accuracy of your reading of the text or texts used in the paper.


Textual Evidence 50 pts.

Appropriate Use of In-text Citations

Appropriate Use of Research (if applicable)


Clarity of Prose 50 pts.

Can I understand you?


Sentence Construction