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 122 Final Exam Essay The final exam essay will count as both the final exam and the final essay. You may email me a draft of the essay for review. If you choose to do so, please email it no later than two days before this final exam essay is due. Review the rubric for the assignment, located in Canvas, and contact me with any questions. TopicFor this essay, choose two of the written lectures from this term, and reflect upon the following: ●    What were your favorite two or three in-class lectures from this term and why? ●    What about the subjects interested you? ●    What is the broader significance of these subjects in relation to American history? ●    Can we apply the lessons learned from them to the modern world? SourcesWrite at least one page on each lecture you have chosen, and to develop your paper, use the TNCC Library Database to find two scholarly articles on each subject. Here’s how you may use the scholarly sources in your paper: ●    To provide more facts and background information about the lecture. ●    To bolster the claims made by the in-class lecture. (In other words, if my lecture criticized the generalship of George Washington, you could find an article that details why his military ability was poor.) ●    To refute the claims made by the in-class lecture. (In other words, if you disagree with one of my lectures, you may find an article that provides evidence for why the lecture is wrong. It is fine if you disagree with me so long as you engage with my claims and support your own with strong reasoning and evidence.)  A scholarly journal article●    Is written by an expert in the field, usually a history professor. ●    Is published by a scholarly journal. ●    Is usually at least 10-20 pages (though it can be a lot longer). ●    Cites multiple scholarly sources. It ends with a long bibliography. ●    Is NOT a book review.