Which of the following is NOT a component included in an instructional trial?

Which of the following is NOT a component included in an instructional trial?

    teacher provided consequence
    antecedent stimulus
    learner-provided consequence
    learner response


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Which is NOT an appropriate teacher-provided response?

    reinforce correct response
    say “no” to incorrect response (differential social disapproval)
    prompt correct response
    error correction for incorrect response



What is one way to increase the effectiveness of discrete trial training (DTT)?

    use punishment for correction
    use long intervals between trials
    intersperse acquisition trials with mastered items
    use screaming techniques



Which of the following increases effectiveness of Discrete trial instruction (DTI)?

    massed trials of one skill over entire teaching session
    short inter-trial responses
    allowing the learner moderate breaks between each trial
    all of the above





To improve the effectiveness of DTI, the teacher should:

    mainly use specialized, highly efficient teaching materials that are specific to the teaching setting
    mainly use materials found in the learner’s everyday environment
    it doesn’t matter
    all of the above


Which of the following type of data can best inform your treatment decisions?

    correct vs. incorrect responses
    correct vs. incorrect vs. no response
    correct vs. incorrect vc. no response & level of prompting
    it doesn’t matter


Procedures for transferring stimulus control to the natural environment should be phased in later, after intensive discrete trial instruction is successfully completed.





How should generalization to untaught items be assessed?

    observe behavior in the natural environment
    present trials with untaught items
    interview parent or caregiver
    none of the above

All of the following are characteristics of the Lovaas method except:

    matching visual stimuli
    appropriate play skills
    primary focus on teaching verbal behavior
    all of the above

All of the following describe the Sundberg & Partington method except:

    Use of the ABLLS
    Focus on self-help skills
    teaching verbal operants
    all of the above


Discrimination training consists of presenting two different:

    antecedent stimuli
    consequent stimuli
    A and B



Discrimination training results in?

    stimulus contingency
    stimulus generalization
    stimulus control
    response generalization

In ABA, “errorless learning” procedures are currently considered:

    a type of punuishment
    babying the learning








Incidental training is also known as

    environmental teaching
    naturalistic learning
    ABA teaching
    contrived learning


In incidental teaching, who (or what) triggers an instructional trial?

    the teacher
    the behavior of the learner
    scheduled activities
    schedule board

Which general behavior process governs successful use of incidental teaching?

    motivating operations
    respondent conditioning
    response generalization
    discrimination training

incidental teaching is based primarily on contrived teaching opportunities



incidental teaching is based primarily on captured teaching opportunities



Describe Discrete Trial Training and give an example