1Project yourself into the future for a moment. Consider that you have successfully completed your degree and have begun, or are continuing, employment in your chosen setting. Your supervisor asks you, “Is there a need to evaluate the effectiveness of the new employee orientation program?”

Answer the following:

  • What factors should be considered in this needs assessment?
  • How could you determine how well the present orientation meets the needs of the company and of new employees?
  • What ethical questions should be investigated?
  • What factors should be included in a cost-benefit analysis of the program?

Suggest strategies for gathering the information you would need.


Thinking about the course readings for this week, consider and discuss the following questions in your post:

  • What role can mindfulness and meditation play in professional development and performance?
  • Based on professional development literature, how can you use meditation and mindfulness in your own development?

3 In the areas of personal growth (such as eating well, staying healthy, managing stress, and staying energized), describe which area is your greatest challenge now and how you are managing each of the domains. Which areas do you think will be most challenging working as a consultant?