Week 5 Individual Assignment

(I chose Case 9.2 & 9.3)


The cases in Section 9 each cover audit approaches for different balance sheet accounts and business processes. For this assignment, select two of these cases which appeals most to you and complete all required questions in brief answers, approximately 30 to 45 words. The cases and topics are listed below:


  • Case 9.1 Wally’s Billboards covers cash
  • Case 9.2 Henrico Retail covers IT accounting systems and retail sales
  • Case 9.3 Longeta Corporation covers auditing revenue contracts
  • Case 9.4 Bud’s Big Blue Manufacturing covers accounts receivable confirmations
  • Case 9.5 Morris Mining Corporation covers auditing fair value
  • Case 9.6 Hooplah, Inc. covers audit sampling techniques
  • Case 9.RedPack Beer Company covers estimating allowance for bad debt