Please write a 100 -150 word informational response to classmates post.

Post #1:
“The role of the law enforcement is to enforce the law, serve and protect the people. They were mandated and sworn in by the government to arrest and detain people they suspect have broken the law. Usually when police officers get the complaint then the officers have all of the information needed, they take a report, investigate, and hopefully make an arrest with probable cause. If there’s a big amount of evidence and multiple witnesses they may be interviewed, gathering all the evidence collected and documented, and having the suspect caught. With enough evidence at the point of interaction and the officer thinks a crime was committed, they have the authority to arrest the person on the spot. If there is not a lot of evidence to gather on then a warrant will be needed. After the person has been caught we have to make sure the suspect has had their Miranda rights read to them. Then the booking process which includes being fingerprinted, photographed, and in many cases, DNA swabbed in order to send it to the DNA repository, and once this is all completed suspects may be released or bail may be established depending on the crime.  I think that just deserts model hinders social and criminal justice in some ways because this model shows how fairness is above other priorities, punishment should be the same in each case, with this kind of thinking it makes it seem like not everything was thought out correctly. It’s like saying someone stealing food to feed their family would be considered the same as someone stealing from money from someone’s wallet. This model treats all crimes fairly it doesn’t incorporate the social justice factor and account for individuals.”