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You need to provide only these options: Advanced writerinfoSupport comments:Type of paper:Capstone projectAcademic level:UndergraduateSubject or discipline:Business studiesTopic:6.1 Share Your ProgressPaper details:6.1 Share Your Progress
For this discussion, please prepare and create a power point presentation video update (I’ll create the voice over narration) the presentation should 3 minutes and address the following:
Imagine you are describing your capstone project to an audience of professionals in your field, people familiar with the subjects in your major.
Begin with a short explanation of how you are developing your investigation and plan to disseminate your work (the artifact) (the business plan for the green gym.) Consider the following as you create this update.
1. Why did you choose this particular issue, and why it is an especially strong fit with your professional area?  Which of your informational resources have been especially helpful in guiding you?
2. What kind of gap does the project fill and/or the chief problem it addresses?
3. What are the necessary next steps in completing the piece?
You may use presentation slides or other visual aids in your video.
Alternatively, you can use PowerPoint, but should provide/embed narration into each slide.
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