Wanda is afraid of gaining weight and putting herself at high risk for disease. She works out on a regular basis and eats right most of the time. Recently, Wanda had some testing done. Her BMI was 17.2 and her waist circumference was 30 inches. Which statement describes the BEST next move for Wanda so she will be at the least risk for disease? A. Wanda must have an MRI done since the results of the BMI and the waist circumference indicate that she is overweight and is at risk for disease. B. Wanda should consider a more specific test, like a caliper test, so she can target exactly how much she needs to lose to lessen her risk for disease. C. Wanda’s waist circumference indicates that she is not at risk, but her BMI indicates that she underweight. She should develop a plan to move her BMI into the normal range. D. Wanda’s test results show that she is in the normal and healthy range. In order to maintain her current body composition, she should combine cardiovascular training with resistance training.