Virtual lab experiments | Biology homework help

A. Complete one of the following online dissections:

1. Earth worm 
•  Identify items 1 & 2 on the external dorsal surface of the worm. 
•   Identify items 3, 4, & 5 on the external ventral surface of the worm. 
•   Identify item 2 in the internal morphology w/o the digestive tract. 
•   Do worms have sex? 

2. Fetal Pig
•   Use the Anatomical References guide. To what region of the body does dorsal, ventral, anterior, and posterior refer to? 
•  Investigate the Nervous system. Name four large regions (lobes) of the brain and indicate roughly where they are located in the brain and their associated functions. 

B. Comparative Anatomy and the fossil evidence of human evolution 
•   Compare the the skull casts of a chimp, Australopithicus, Homo erectus,neanderthal, and modern Homo sapiens. Be sure to use the lateral view. 
•  Describe features that are common and different between the cranial structure of these creatures. What patterns do you see? 
•   Describe the basic time-line and sequence of evolution for the creatures listed above. 

The Human Brain 1, 2
Cat dissection 1, 2 
Alternative lab for Comparative Anatomy