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Article Summary

Scott Simon, a renowned author, gives a preview of an incident between football parents and their kids, which occurred in Gloucester county. He describes the occurrence as an outright controversy. He narrates that one of the team, specifically Gibbstown Falcons players, defied their coach by kneeling in respect for the national anthem. Simon (2020) says that this was just an act of emulating eminent sports stars. And, one cannot dispute the fact that children tend to follow examples of their football heroes.

Nonetheless, the author primarily tries to persuade readers to view the player’s kneeling act as activism with this account of events. Further, the article includes elements like one of the team population being 90% black and another being mainly white. These, plus the mention of the words on the team’s polo, pursues a reader to consider the possibility of race and belief rivalry.

The Use of Logos

Logos is a powerful, persuasive tool usually used to aid the audience in drawing certain conclusions. The writer has used a few logos to drive forward his arguments. Firstly, he uses the hero’s emulation move often done by children, which readers can recognize. This strategy is a way of convincing readers to believe that the kneeling gesture is pure logic. Secondly, the author stated, “Some of the football players began to cry. They are 8 and 9-years old.” In reality, children between this age bracket easily cry if subjected to certain conditions, and readers are aware of it. Therefore, the statement also depicts the use of logos as it has logical appeal. Generally, logos is a great tool used by several authors to attract reader’s attention.






Simon, S.( 2020, October 24). Opinion: Football Parents Could Learn From Their Kids’ Activism. Public Broadcasting