U.S History

 Growing Pains: The New Republic, 1790–1820

Industrial Transformation in the North, 1800–1850

Jacksonian Democracy, 1820–1840

For this homework, answer ONE of the provided questions below. 350-450 words, APA format, and a minimum of 3 references.

1.  Describe Alexander Hamilton’s plans to address the nation’s financial woes. Which aspects proved most controversial, and why? What elements of the foundation did Hamilton lay can still be found in the system today?

2. Was the War of 1812 a “second war for independence?”  Explain. What was the most significant impact of the War of 1812 and why?

3. Industrialization in the Northeast produced great benefits and also major problems. What were they? Who benefited and who suffered? Did the benefits outweigh the problems or vice versa?

4. What were some of the social and cultural beliefs that became widespread during the Age of Jackson? What lay behind these beliefs, and do you observe any of them in American culture today?