Topic: the value(s) of higher education argumentative paper


TOPIC: the value(s) of higher education 

Argumentative Paper   

You are to write an argumentative paper taking a definite position.  The argument must build on one of the general issues read about and discussed in class: fracking, immigration and American identity, the value(s) of higher education, Wikipedia, student debt, and environmental justice.  It will help, however, to be more specific in your topic, for instance arguing whether college education should concentrate on intellectual depth rather than immediately useful job skills, whether Maryland should have banned fracking, or whether American society is obligated to clean up polluting infrastructure that harms poor neighborhoods.

As always, your paper should take the form of a well-organized essay with a definite thesis and strong supporting arguments.  Argumentative techniques may include personal experience, anecdotes, citation of authority, statistics, metaphors, historical analogies, and whatever else may prove persuasive.  Remember that these techniques must work together; simply throwing a bunch of them into one paper is ineffective.  Remember also that combining logical and emotional appeals, and keeping your specific audience in mind, leads to a more effective argument.  Finally, thinking through possible rebuttals and either refuting them or qualifying your argument to account for them will often make for an effective paper.

Citations are encouraged but not mandatory. Use MLA format.


At least 800 words


12% of final grade