Bronfenbrenner outlines the role of the environment and culture in child development. Piaget and Vygotsky focus on cognitive development or the role of the brain in learning.

  • Review the main components of each theory. Devote at least one full paragraph to the review of each of the three theories.
  • Which theory/s best represent your understanding of how we learn and why?
  • Describe experiences you had as a student or that you observe in a child today that contributes to your perspective.
  • Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion paragraph in your paper.

Papers can be completed using your text. No outside resources are needed. Your weekly Dropbox assignments are in the form of 2-3 page essays.

An excellent paper has the following elements:

  • Content and Development: Content responds to the prompt. It is comprehensive and accurate. There are specific details and examples to support your major points.
  • Organization & Structure:The organization of the paper is clear and easy to follow. An introduction and conclusion paragraph is included. Paragraphs are logical and transitions are used to maintain the flow of thought throughout the paper.
  • Format : Use one inch margins, double-spaced text, 12 point font. Heading in corner includes Name, Date, and Activity. APA format is required for citations when you quote from the text: (Ormrod, 2017).
  • Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling: Follow standards rules of sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling.