The Influence Of Gender

CNL-525 Topic 4: The Influence of Gender: Career Counseling Initial Session and Summary

This document contains directions for both parts of the assignment. Be sure to read through both parts and complete the questions as outlined in Part 2.


Part 1: Career Counseling Initial Session


First, complete research on career trends with regard to gender. Once this is completed. conduct a 25-30-minute career counseling initial session with a volunteer or a classmate of the opposite gender while using your GCU Zoom account. The individual will need to complete an informed consent form before conducting the interview.


While conducting the initial session, execute the practice components of career counseling that includes the following:

· An initial session interview

· A discussion with the client about a career assessment you would like to administer.

· Strategies for ways to help the individual develop skills for work-life balance that are gender appropriate.

· Strategies for assisting the client to learn or enhance the use of technology for career information and planning,

· Identifying and acquiring of career information resources that are relevant for the individual that consider cultural and gender factors.

· A demonstration of the theoretical approach that is being used


As with all counseling encounters, it is important to engage in the basic counseling skills while conducting a career counseling initial session. The skills allow counselors to understand the individual’s career interests, career concerns, and career development. During the initial session, you should engage in the following:

· Demonstrate the ability to welcome the individual and begin the process of developing rapport.

· Demonstrate the ability to effectively review informed consent.

· Demonstrate the ability to use open-ended questions to learn more about the individual’s career employment, career interests, and career concerns to move the session forward.

· Demonstrate

· S – Sitting squarely

· O – Open posture

· L – Leaning forward

· E – Eye contact

· R – Relaxed body language

(Note any challenging aspects of using SOLER in a Zoom session)

· Demonstrate verbal and nonverbal empathetic listening skills

· Demonstrate verbal and nonverbal active listening skills

· Demonstrate summarizing skills, particularly during transitions in the session

Note: American Counseling Association (ACA) ethical guidelines indicate that interviewees have the right to refuse to answer any question posed to them by an interviewer. Please ensure that your interviewees are aware of this, and do not force them to answer where the opportunity to reply has been refused.

Part 2: Reflection

Include the link to the GCU Zoom recording of the Career Counseling Initial Session below.

Zoom Link:

Directions: Complete a 300-500 word reflection on the results of the intake interview which addresses the following:

1. What career theory did you use in the interview and was it effective?


2. How did the gender of the individual influence your recommendations?


3. What challenges due to gender do you see the individual encountering?


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