Statistics – Banking Project

Use the data in the google drive based on loan file for loan default project and present the findings in the following manner in word file and also in a PPT format.


1) Understand and define the problem statement.

2) Get a preliminary understanding of data and perform exploratory data analysis.


1) Discuss the business context.

2) Data cleaning and pre – processing (like outlier treatment, missing value treatment etc.)

3) How to generate insights from EDA?

4) Discuss about any finer nuances that could be used to generate insights.


1) Business Problem Understanding and Problem definition

2) Generate a data report.

3) Exploratory Data analysis and insights driven from it.


1) Build various models and check their accuracy.

2) Discuss about model validation

3) Discuss about model tuning

4) Discuss about how to draw business insights & recommendations.


1) Model Building and comparison

2) Model Tuning

3) Model Interpretation


1) Business insights and recommendations

2) A structure for presentation.

Submit head wise all the above in a word document and make a PPT also which helps explain & communicate the data analysis to be used in the final presentation.