Social Influence

Reflection #8

InstructionsConsider the role that social influence has on your own behavior outside of the classroom setting. Review your textbook, power points, video resources to answer the following:

1. Define conformity and then describe an incident in which you conformed to social or cultural norms.

2. What circumstances have rendered you personally to be more versus less likely to conform with others in the past?

3. In your own life, in what ways are you a non-conformist?

4. Provide at least one clear examples of a situation in which conformity could prove to be beneficial.

5. Provide at least one clear example of a situation in which conformity could prove to be harmful.

6. Define compliance and describe how it differs from conformity.

7. Describe an incident in which you experienced compliance.

8. Define obedience and describe an incident in which you have experienced obedience personally.

9. Utilize at least two of the three terms (conformity, obedience, compliance) to describe how culture may be shaped and maintained.

This reflection essay should be a minimum of 800 words in length, using proper grammar and punctuation. Reflections that lack a thorough discussion, clarity or proper grammar will receive little to no points!  Book references should be incorporated in the essay.

Book reference: Matsumoto, D., & Juang, L. (2016). Culture and Psychology (Sixth ed.). Nelson Education.