SMGT 502 – Forum

Topic: According to numerous sources, the number of athlete endorsements are down significantly as compared to several decades ago. Your task for this forum is to research current trends in sport related endorsements. Please present the results of your research to the class and share your objective opinion of why you think the current trend is occurring.

The goal of this discussion is to provide further objective analysis of research that will stimulate thought-provoking questions, marketable ideas, and lead to a greater understanding of the essence of sport marketing.

Based on the current issue, any archived issues of Sports Business Journal (SBJ), or personal experience, please research this topic and support your opinion, with a citation or citations. You may, but are not required to, use any articles or resources you locate outside of SBJ. The following link ( provides a sport management specific research portal at the Liberty University Online Library that may be used for this assignment.