Situation Analysis

Include all sources you used to get this information in an attached reference section (APA). This assignment requires EVIDENCE, not your opinion, with a citation for each idea.


  1. The environment – Consider the five macro environmental (uncontrollable) forces in relation to your company and industry. Your research may not uncover all of these, but investigate the following categories:
  • Social: What demographic shifts or cultural changes may affect this company and/or product?
  • Economic: How might economic conditions (current or future) affect the company or product?
  • Technological: Is it important to this product or industry?  Include your findings for important technologies and especially new developments.
  • Regulatory: Will new or proposed regulations potentially affect this company or product?
    • Competitive: Consider barriers for new entrants, and the power of buyers or suppliers.

The A The All Mountain Snow Fun team is marketing the Armada – ARV 96 all mountain ski. The ARV 96 ski iswm the newest in the ARV 96 line, it helps others because it is a great price for an all mountain ski. An all mountain ski can take on all different types of snow and conditions from groomers and leisure days to back bowl powder and out-of-bounds extreme terrain. We chose to market this ski because we all enjoy winter mountain sports and think that Armada makes the best preforming ski with suiting looks and it’s cheaper to have one ski than 4 skies. This product caters to the more experienced skiers and is reasonably priced for a ski of this caliber but is no entry ski. The core competencies are providing a high-end quality product, perfect for all snow conditions, priced competitively, and has a sleek and unique look. The company’s mission is to create a new niche for skiing that follows the rebellious and free culture of surfing and skateboarding. “Armada. What skiing will become.”[footnoteRef:2] [2: Armada ski website, About armada page.]