Signature Assignment

The signature assignment for this course requires students to write a 10-to-15 page (including cover page and reference page) paper on their personal culture(s).

  • Students are expected to explore and relate experiences, attributes, and/or personal identification references that have shaped their cultural practices and identity as a cultural being.
  • Students are expected to explore and write about experiences of being both privileged and disadvantaged.
  • Students are expected to incorporate that understanding and insight into their future interactions with clients and other professionals.

· What racial/ethnic group(s) do you identify with. I am African American

· Familial Migration: I am the descendants of slave origin of what country in African unknown you can elaborate on this for me.

· What ethnic and cultural traditions and values do you still practice in your family and why: None specifically, but you can fabricate this.

· Describe one instance where you experienced privilege and one where you experienced a disadvantage. You can fabricate this as well.

· Describe at least one (personal) situation where you felt discriminated against. Describe your thoughts and feelings surrounding this situation(s). Could not purchase a home in a particular neighborhood, you can elaborate on this.

· Provide a well-written and detailed summary about a (professional) situation where you felt discriminated against. The situation can relate to you as a student or professional. It can happen within a counseling session with a client, supervisory relationship with a supervisor or instructor, peer or colleague, or a boss at a job. Co-Occurring Disorder Specialist (specialize in working with clients both with mental health and substance use disorders and a client who was a white male who was a substance user refused services because I was female and not a former addict, therefore, he felt I was incompentent in the manner. Feel free to elaborate for me.