Short paper (600-words minimum) | Law homework help

read the scenario and present a position on that issue. All papers shall cite a minimum of three sources. One of the sources must be from the text, one must be an Internet source (with hyperlink) and the third may be chosen from any source (print, personal experience, Internet, learned treatise, journal, etc.). You shall cite each source in APA format. You have the ability to use Turnitin to check your sources.  Please avail yourself of this resource!  The paper is due no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

 In the Ostrowski case, there existed a material issue of fact about whether the patient’s failure to follow the medical care instructed may have contributed to the harm caused. Should a physician be immune from liability in those cases in which the patient’s contribution to the harm suffered was as great as the physician’s contribution?  This topic should include a discussion of the case and the various theories of negligence, ie comparative and contributory.