Short Essay Tests 7/8

These questions need to be answered completed, no style is needed, no cover page is needed and no reference page is needed. The amount of words for each question doesn’t matter, as long as you answer ALL questions accordingly.

1. What procedures must be followed in order for a federal administrative agency to create a substantive rule? Must all proposed rules have a trial-like procedure to present evidence in support or against proposed rules?



2. What exemptions, if any, apply to the Freedom of Information Act? Who, if anyone, may review an agency’s refusal to disclose information?

3. What is the purpose of the Government in the Sunshine Act? When might the act not apply?

4. What constitutes false and deceptive practices under the Federal Trade Commission Act? What actions may the commission take where a problem exists?

5. What elements must be present in an environmental impact statement issued by the EPA?

6. What constitutes a nonattainment area concerning environmental pollution? What classifications exist for such nonattainment areas?

7. How do wetlands differ from land proper? Who regulates the use and classification of wetlands?

8. What are the essential elements of the creation of a valid will? Must every valid will have witnesses?

9. How may a validly executed will be revoked? What means are available to change or modify a will? When, if ever, is a will irrevocable?

10. What are the parameters of a holographic will? How does a holographic will differ from a nuncupative will?

11. What distinctions exist between the specific gifts, general gifts and residuary gifts?

12. What are the formal names of gifts of real property and personal property named in a will? Must a beneficiary accept a gift by will?

13. Differentiate Per Stirpes distribution from Per Capita distribution? How do ademptions differ from abatements?

14. Is there a recognized right to die within any of the states? What distinguishes euthanasia from physician assisted suicide?