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just answer the file i gave the question #2 of group work


The most challenging aspect of pricing is “consumers’ perceived value.” In the U.S., even free products are not wanted if consumers do not see the value in possessing them. On the other hand, just having a logo or emblem put on a product can make the product be highly desirable with premium pricing.


2. Researching the consumer base in Khabarovsk,

a. What is your group’s consensus on the perception of Del Monte Ketchup?

b. If you were given a task of increasing the perception to a super-premium brand, what would you need to do?

i. Would you change the product? If so, how?

ii. Understanding that Del Monte being an American product, Russians’ sentiment towards the U.S. will have some impact on the perception of the product. How would you control this?

iii. How would you promote (position the brand image)?