Sandra just finished a two-week vacation in Italy. She arrived to the airport in Rome, Italy to travel back to the United States. She had some spare time so she decided to go to the airport coffee stand and buy a cup of coffee and small package of cookies. When she received her coffee and cookies, she struggled to juggle her luggage and food items so she made her way to the nearest table. She sat down and started reading her book as she sipped her coffee. All of a sudden, she became aware of someone rustling at her table. From behind her book she was astonished to see a young business man helping himself to her cookies. Sandra did not want to make a scene at the airport so she reached for a cookie to show the man that it was her cookies, not his. A few minutes went by and she heard some more rustling. The man was taking another cookie! When Sandra finished her coffee, there was one cookie remaining. She looked at the package and the man broke the cookie in half and gave her one of the halves. At this point, Sandra was angry but knew that it was time to go to her gate to catch her flight. Shortly thereafter, Sandra boarded the plane and she reached into her purse to put her book away and felt the package of cookies. Imagine how embarrassed she felt when she realized that she was eating the business man’s cookies all along! 13. Think of a time or event in your life when you experienced a paradigm shift. Explain the event and how your perception changed because of it.