Instructions for Role Play 2 For the Role Play 1, please do the following. 1. Look on BlackBoard under Users and Group/Groups to find out your group number

and refresh your mind as to who you are in a group with.

2. Get together in your chosen groups.

3. One group member should assume the role of the buyer and another should assume the role of the seller.

4. All groups assume the buyer to be direct.

5. Assume a need satisfaction style of presentation. The selling object is a laptop.

6. Write down a scenario for the interactions between the buyer and the seller.

7. Send the scenario as a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file to me by 11:59 pm on Monday (10/05/2020).

For working on group projects outside of the classroom time, the best online tool is Microsoft Teams ( You just need to enter your TxWes credentials and look up your teammates by name or email address.