Risk management, mitigation and economics of natural hazards


The readings this week in part, discuss disaster mitigation through the application of disaster aid. While it is the goal of such aid to provide valuable assistance to disaster victims, sometimes unexpected negative impacts may occur

For this week’s Discussion, please search for a news article from a reliable news source that addresses disaster aid to a community impacted by a Natural disaster (use a major newspaper, magazine other than pop culture versions: New York Times, Wall Street Journal the Economist, etc.). The article should be from 2015 to the present

Provide an APA formatted citation for the article and summarize its contents, demonstrating how the information in the article might represent the “pitfalls” of disaster relief. Show thoughtful contemplation of the topic and clarity of analysis.

 a571791.pdf (dtic.mil) 

 Mitigation Ideas – A Resource for Reducing Risk to Natural Hazards (tamus.edu) 

 Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 201: Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Guide Supplement 1: Toolkit (azed.gov)