respond: Do you think this trend described is Beneficial or harmful to society?  How can we use technology and legislation to prevent workplace discrimination?

respond: Do you think this trend described is Beneficial or harmful to society?

  • How can we use technology and legislation to prevent workplace discrimination?

Technology and legislation can be used to prevent discrimination by creating apps and other internet platforms to helps explain to candidates based on their experience, education, and job description they can tell you how much you would be making in that position. It can also show users what it would be like to work in these companies the pros and cons. It also helps to find a wider diverse set of candidates for the positions they are looking to hire.

  • How should the HR professional approach privacy issues in the workplace?

When it comes to Privacy issues HR professionals need to make sure that they do not step over bound with what information can be tracked or obtained and what information cannot. The reason for this is because there is a privacy act that in place to help keep individuals safe from information being misused by employers or employees. HR professionals need to ensure that they monitor customer privacy, employee privacy, internet security, emails, computers, information on the cloud, health and personal information just to name a few. If HR professionals do not communicate correctly the privacy laws and the company’s privacy laws, there can be lawsuits or even loss of revenue. It is imperative that they know how important it is to communicate the importance of privacy at the business to employees and explain what is covered under the privacy laws. For example if you are working at an elementary school with students with IEP’s their information at the meeting is held to confidential and if you speak with someone about it that is not supposed to know you could be fired for breach of confidentiality.

  • Why are clear expectations important?

Clear expectations ae important because you know exactly what is expected of you. When you explain what the privacy laws of the company and the state is to the employees they understand what can be said what cannot, what can be posted on social media and what can not especially if it is going against the company you can loose your job. If you do something illegal and it was posted on social media and it goes against the company’s policy, you can lose your job. Being aware of what is expected of you and keeping with the privacy laws can save you and the company lawsuits in the long run. It also helps employees to stay on task and stay on the goals that the company has laid out. It also helps them to reach their goals that the company has for them.

  • What added considerations might HR have in the health care field?

The health care field is very demanding for the HR professional on top of the basic duties of hiring, firing, training, continued development of job duties and training, evaluations, billing, and the making sure the customers are taken care of.  Some challenges are finding the right candidates for the right positions and shortages in the healthcare field. Wages are always something that most jobs have challenges with because some do not pay well enough for the job they are asking to do. Another thing would be retention keeping employees working for you and being compensated correctly.