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Oh Biology, this topic in fact happens to be one of my favorite topics to research about. Life. How weird right? I sometimes find myself constantly thinking about how it all works and how we know all these commodities. So anyway, we have living and nonliving things fabricated by 8 simple characteristics. Trillions of creatures fit into these 8 characteristics and other trillions of things that don’t, but still exist. Over millions of years all kinds of living things have adapted to better survive in the time and place. Adaptation is just a species or a living being’s way of trying to survive changes in its environment. Adaptation is not constant but as the changes to the environment occur the species will try to better survive these changes in order to reproduce and avoid natural selection or endangerment/extinction. Do you think that the crocodile that is one of the closest and oldest relatives to the dinosaur could have adapted and evolved so much that what we know today as crocodile was something so different looking millions of years ago?