Research Evaluation Checklist

Research Evaluation Checklist

Complete the checklist below for the study/article you are to evaluate.

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Define topic and need.



· What phenomenon does the study investigate?


· Is the phenomenon a problem, an opportunity, or a dilemma?


· What symptoms (easily observable signs) indicate that it is a problem, opportunity or a dilemma?

· How do people who know this organization explain these symptoms? What do administrators want to know about the phenomenon?

· How can it be expressed in manageable terms?


Assess relevant knowledge.



· How much is already known?


· Is additional background information necessary? Should this research be conducted?

· Is the topic a special case of a broader, more fundamental and important problem?


Identify variables and measures, and research questions and hypotheses.



· What variables associated with the phenomenon are investigated? How are the variables measured?

· What are the research questions?



· What specific hypotheses are formulated?


Identify and analyze the research design.



· What is the research design—exploratory, descriptive, or causal research? Is this non-experimental, quasi-experimental, or experimental research? What is the nature of data—primary or secondary?

· What is the source of data—interviews, questionnaires, existing databases? Are answers obtained through interviews and questionnaires objective?

Analyze the sample.



· What is the population from which the respondents have been selected? How large is the sample?

· Is it random, stratified, or other sample?


Gather data.



· How are data gathered?


· Does the procedure of gathering data ensure objectivity?


Analyze data.



· Are the data words (qualitative data) or numbers (quantitative)? How are qualitative data analyzed?

· How are quantitative data recorded and checked for accuracy? What statistical methods are used to analyze data?


Assess results.



· What are the answers to research questions? Are hypotheses supported?

· What evidence did the study produce that helps answer research questions or support/refute hypotheses?


Evaluate recommendations.



What recommendations can be made on the basis of results?



What recommendations are made that cannot be supported with results?


Evaluate the study.



· What limitations does the study have?



· What improvements in research design can be recommended?




Assignment 2: Final Project Part II: Reading a Study


Click here to access the research evaluation checklist.


Using this checklist read and evaluate the article below, “Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While on a Family History Screening Programme: An Exploratory Qualitative Study.”



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