Research and Ethics 

 Research and Ethics

1. Watch this short video regarding correlation and causation:

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2. Read the section of the APA ethics code that involves Research (Standard 8).

3. Read the following research article and the newspaper article involving Facebook.(copy and paste the links in your browser if they don’t open). They are about the same study. The NYTimes article will help you understand what you are reading on the PNAS site. You need to read both of them and cite both articles in your discussion post.



4. Briefly summarize what the Facebook research study was about and what the findings/results were (This part of your post should only be a 2-3 sentences).

5. Using the information you learned about correlation and causation from your textbook readings and video, determine if the results of the Facebook study demonstrate either causation (cause and effect) or correlation (relationship between variables)? If so, state whether it is correlation or causation and why. (please be careful not to confuse relationships with cause and effect). What other variables/factors could account for the results? (Explain).

6. Using the information you learned from reading the APA Ethics code, answer the following: If the Facebook research was to be conducted by psychologists, were there any ethical issues/violations as a result of conducting the experiment? Explain and support your response. You may also include any other thoughts regarding the research.

Your initial response to the initial post for each discussion assignment must be a minimum of 200 words. Citations, titles, copying the questions, references, your name, etc. do not count towards the word count. You are required to use proper grammar and correct spelling. When using other sources, citations using APA style are required (both within text citations and a references section). Direct quotes (even though put in quotations marks and cited) are not permitted and will result in a deduction of 10 points. When responding to a classmate, your response needs to contain substance. Stating you agree or disagree is not enough. Please explain why you may agree or disagree (respectfully) using reputable information to back up your opinion. The f ollowing is an explanation of the grading rubric for the discussion portion of your grade: