Reaction/Opinion Paper/Client/Therapist Transference

Client/Therapist Transference

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Topic: What are good and the bad aspects of using transference in therapy between a client and therapist?  Give two examples of both good and bad.

Jasmine Ross

General Psychology

Dr. Sterling Claypoole

April 26, 2021


Transference in Therapy

Transference happens when an individual redirects some of their feelings unconsciously from another person to a different person. The process may sometimes occur during therapy when a client receiving treatment applies feelings both positive and negative to the therapists. These feelings include love, hostility, anger, adoration, and some host of other possible emotions. The paper is concerned with the good and bad aspects of using transference in therapy between a client and therapist.

The good aspect of using transference in therapy between a client and a therapist is that it leads the client to view the therapist as concerned, kind, wise, caring, and helpful. Positive transference happens when the client applies the good aspects of the previous relationship to their relationship with the therapist (Parth et al., 2017). The bad aspects are that the client can direct angry or rather painful feelings to the therapist. However, the therapist may use these emotional feelings to assist the person get a greater understanding.

Instances of bad transference are when a patient becomes very angry with their therapist when she discusses her possibility of homework activities. During the exploration of the anger with her therapist, the client realized that she was going through the transferences of unresolved anger of an authoritarian elementary school teacher. An example of a good transference occurs when the client starts to see a therapist who has a father figure. The client channel her love to the therapist because he views her therapist as loving, caring, strong, and concerned just like her father. The client even goes ahead to think of absorbing all the goodness offered by the client. In the process, this type of transference helps the client to heal faster.



Parth, K., Datz, F., Seidman, C., & Loffler-Stastka, H. (2017). Transference and countertransference: A review. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 81 (2), 167-211.

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