Question 98101

(Anthropology) How can I Respond to this Person if I agree or Disagree with her and give and explanation.

I personally believe that the Gigantopithecus can possible exist in the form of Big Foot since of course over the years animals do evolve so it may actually be possible that the Gigantopithecus did evolve and got a little smaller than what they were before. Instead of standing at 9’8” they now probably only stand like 6’6”-7’0 and weight between 300-500lbs. When reading and looking at evidence of Big Foot, we see that Big Foot does look very similar to the Gigantopithecus, fully covered in hair, large feet, tall, and walks like a monkey. I think people are so fascinated by Big Foot because people have only caught glimpses of it and never actually came in direct contact with it. It makes people really wonder what is Big Foot, is he a monkey or a human, I think that’s what fascinates people the most, Big Foot is an unidentified creature.