Question 67836

A woman who has two brothers, with hemophilia A and two normal sons is again pregnant. She requests counselling for the risk of her to have hemophilia. What is the risk that her next child will have hemophilia?

(1) 1 (2) 1/2, (3) 1/4. (4) 1/8

There’s one right ans., I’ve no key available at hand.

If the father’s genotype is XY then the chance should be 1/4 (a male with X’Y) but if the father is X’Y the chance is 1/2 (a female X’X’ and a male with X’Y).

My question is assuming what genotype of father would be right?

I think XY, because as she is going to a counselor and the question has not considered mentioning the father so he must be, normal?