Question 273149

1.Using a glass syringe, a scientist draws exactly 25.5 cm3 of dry oxygen at 20.0 ̊C

from a metal cylinder. She needs to heat the oxygen for an experiment, so she places

the syringe in an oven at 65.0 ̊C and leaves it there for 30 min. Assuming the

atmospheric pressure remains the same, what volume will the oxygen occupy?

2. The gas in the can of hair spray is initially at 24 °C and 360 kPa, and the can has

a volume of 350 mL. If the can is left in a car that reaches 50 °C on a hot day, what

is the new pressure in the can?

3. A sample of gas has a volume of 15.0 mL at a pressure of 13.0 psi. Determine the

pressure of the gas at a volume of 7.5 mL.