Quantitative Critical review the occupational health therapy case study (Review Quantitative data). Basically talk about numbers e.g sample size, time, percentages, age, numeral findings e.t.c. 

While reviewing, most of your content must be backed by findings/arguments by other authors. e.g a small sample size was used because according to author X, a small sample size enables researchers to reduce research time (X et., al 2017).  

Word count – 2,800 – 3,000 words

25 references 

Harvard Referencing 

No plagiarism

Attached documents

– Answer format.

– Professors feedback on a previous assignment.

– Case Study.

– Answers for Qualitative work (This work does not talk about numbers, so your work will talk about the numbers in the case study).

– Recommended references.

The difference between quantitative and qualitative. https://www.orau.gov/cdcynergy/soc2web/Content/phase05/phase05_step03_deeper_qualitative_and_quantitative.htm