Public health and social justice for older adults


As a public health leader what is the role of public health for assuring health justice and social justice for older adults? Provide supporting evidence to support the position with appropriate references. (Minimum of 6-7 pages with maximum of 10 page paper double spaced in addition to separate cover page (include course name and number, paper 2_Name of your paper_Little) and reference page. See syllabi for formatting and style. From Syllabus: APA Format is used for Dr. Little’s assignments. 12- point font, one -inch margins, double spaced, separate reference page. All assignments should be submitted with a cover page that includes your name, course name and number, semester/year, instructor name and date. Make sure you number each page except the cover page.  We have discussed the community services for older adults as well as institutionalized care provided by assisted living and skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes). Concerns over quality in health care including long term care quality are important topics. Quality is directly related to health justice versus social justice. It should be american context. Please do thorough research. 


   1. Examine public health services for the aged population (INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND). 

2. Analyze health care resources and competencies needed for healthy aging.

 3. Demonstrate skills necessary for public health workforce development and advocacy. 

4. Evaluate technological applications available for optimizing quality of life.

 5. Analyze health care policies, financial resources and services available for the aged population. 

6. Assess financial resources needed by aging population and critique current system for ensuring quality of care. 

7. Evaluate the current needs and services for assuring provision of care for fragile populations. 

8. Critique the role of public health in end of life care for aged population.