Psychology Of Stress Final

General Project Guidelines:

1. Papers must be written using the current APA Publication Manual. Papers must be five to seven typed double-spaced pages.

2. Papers must include a minimum of five relevant resources, appropriately cited.

Stress Management for Salespeople

Frank Taylor’s automobile dealership has a number of high-achieving salespeople who could be described as extreme Type A personalities. Unfortunately, several of them are experiencing stress-related physical problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and migraine headaches. You have been hired to develop a stress reduction program incorporating both relaxation techniques and physical exercises that can be utilized by individuals and in group sessions several days a week at work. Describe specifics of a program that incorporates techniques of proven efficacy in dealing with extreme Type A personality behaviors.


Use of Turnitin for this Course

This course uses Turnitin, a software tool embedded in the online classroom to support the development and assessment of academic writing, including ensuring the authenticity of student work through a Similarity Report that highlights any matching areas in your paper found in another submitted paper in the Turnitin repository using a range from 0% to 100%.

The use of Turnitin in this class is different than how it may have been used in your other classes in that there is no need to create a separate account. You only need to submit your assignment within the classroom. Shortly after you submit your assignment you will receive helpful feedback to improve your writing from within the Turnitin software tool.

In this course, the following assignments will be reviewed using Turnitin:

Final Project Paper

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