PR Detail Outline

Main Elements
 Milestone One: Prepare a detailed outline (minimum three pages) of the following information about your selected team/organization. You do not have
to fully address all of these aspects when you submit Milestone One. If you have questions or need guidance from your instructor on some of these
points, make sure to include targeted questions within your Milestone One submission.
* Introduction
Introduce the Buffalo Sabres and explain its current state, current trends, and future concerns or opportunities.
*Media Assessment
Conduct a media assessment that includes all PR facets listed in the Overview section of this document. When discussing each of these facets,
make sure to note examples with dates and times. Each facet should be a section within your document. Some sections may be longer or shorter,
depending on your selected team/organization.
* Critique/Recommendations
Critique the effectiveness of the PR and media professionals employed by your selected team/organization. Note what has been done well but
more importantly, give specific suggestions on where this organization could have handled a situation differently or improved its media exposure
in terms of quantity or quality.