Post responses to at least two classmates’ papers


Reading the scenario regarding Jerome. “ Jerome is a 21-year-old adult male who has never married, has no children, and who flunked grades 3, 6, and 8.  He finally dropped out in 9th grade and has not continued his education since.  He also is not employed full time or in a steady job.  Jerome is weak in the area of Commitment.


Jerome does not visit much with his family, as they all live in various states and he does not keep in touch with them nor have a good relationship with most of them: Jerome is weak in the area of Attachment.


Jerome does not have a steady job; he works at the Labor Pool when he needs cigarette money or gas.  He does not socialize much except for a few guys at the local bar where he gets drunk on the weekend.  Jerome is low in the area of Involvement.


Jerome’s parents, although married when he was a child, did not communicate much with him on child-rearing issues.  They did not teach him many of their personal values or moral beliefs and Jerome was not punished for any of the antics he engaged in while in school.  Jerome is low in the area of Beliefs.”





Post responses to at least two classmates’ papers


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  • Support of agreement/disagreement with the analysis
  • Correction of facts, if appropriate
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  1. It’s encouraging to know Jerome isn’t involved in illegal activity or hangs around with others who are. About the fact that he had both parents in his life, I believe they disappointed Jerome in some way. They seem to have been present in his life but not in his life, so there is a significant gap between the two. Since he has no mates, he seems to have a relational relationship disconnect. He doesn’t seem to have any “get up” in him, in my opinion. It seems that his parents did not provide him with the positive affirmation that we all need at times. He has no spiritual principles or ideals to fall back on, because at this stage of his life, Jerome has to go back to school and get his G.E.D., and go on with a college degree or go to school to learn a trade so that he can find a career that will pay him enough to support himself rather than only having to pay for his tobacco or fuel, etc. So, at this stage, I’m going for commitment, despite the fact that I believe he missed all four social ties in his life. Jerome, on the other hand, wants to commit to something for the first time in his life. I believe that if he sticks to bettering himself by completing his studies, all of his other social ties will fall into line, and he will begin to see life more positively.


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  1. Jerome’s lack of involvement in having a steady job or good friends frees him up to get into trouble, and he is more prone to committing crimes. If Jerome is looking to better his life and not work part-time for drinks, cigarettes, or gas money, he needs to change his thinking and pick better friends. He could better his life by attending school or studying at a trade school; this will better his opportunities to get a steady job to make money for his needs and even make friends so he can socialize more with others. In our times now, it is harder to find or keep a good job. If an adult only works part-time to get items they want, they will have a hard time supporting their needs or family needs if they have any; this will cause them to commit crimes and get in trouble with the law. When a person can socialize with good people, they can get satisfying advice that can help them be more involved in what they want in life and helped to continue moving forward to accomplish different goals. If Jerome was more involved in a steady job or other activities, this would help him not commit crimes or look for other harmful ways to earn money. If Jerome socializes with others outside of a bar, this can help him make better decisions and avoid getting in trouble with the law from getting a DUI or fighting for being drunk.



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