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Consider the following scenario: Your boss has come to you for advice on the current finances of the company and needs you to create an extended DuPont analysis, common size analysis, and percentage change analysis.  Your boss wants you to fill out the attached Excel file because he/she has no idea what she is talking about and is going to use your report as her work. 

Remember to answer all the questions in the attached document.

  • Has J&W’s liquidity position improved or worsened? Explain
  • Has J&W’s ability to manage its assets improved or worsened? Explain
  • How has J&W’s profitability changed during the last year?
  • Perform an extended DuPont analysis for J7W for 2015 and 2016. What do these results tell you?
  • Perform a common size analysis. What has happened to the composition (That is, the percentage in each category) of assets and liabilities
  • Perform a percentage change analysis. What does this tell you about the change in profitability and asset utilization?

Please find attached document to be filled out for your boss.