Place of employment: bon manjer restaurant and ultra lounge-


Absolutely no plagiarism, education/ professional/ credited sources only!

Prepare 2 separate documents that is typed, double-spaced, and grammatically correct in Times New Roman with Font size set at 12 point with margins of 1 inch. Be sure to follow APA (6th ed.) format, including: appropriate cover page header, title, author(s) in text citation, and reference Page, course information. References cited page must be in APA format.

Place of employment: Bon Manjer Restaurant and Ultra Lounge-

1. Conduct a research into the Restaurant Management (type of industry, type of jobs within the company, what are the markets for the final product/service, etc.) Report on the findings of the research. A minimum of 3 pages.

2. Compare the results of your research with what your prior understanding of the business was. (must reflect personal opinion) A minimum of 2 pages

3. Access You Tube videos and obtain information in regard to the use of “soft skills” on the job, such as, interviewing, attire, cover letters, punctuality, resumes, interview thank you letters, mentoring, etc