Philosophy Case “human-like robot” PromptNO OUTSIDE SOURCES! Critical thinking assignment

Below is the prompt for this essay

E) It is… sometime in the future and you are a judge in a case where a human-like robot is suing their owner for recognition as an employee rather than being considered a tool, claiming they hold all the same qualities, desires, functions, and emotions that a human does and therefore they are more than mere property and should be granted personhood in the eyes of the law. Will you hear this case? Does the robot have sufficient personhood to argue this?
  • This assignment is meant to be completed based on personal opinion and on basic philosophical principles. The essay should be somewhat ‘laidback’ with a simple structure and thesis. Referencing a few philosophy terms/concepts to relate it to the course is asked for.
Below is directly copied from the rubric/guidelines for this assignment…
– NO outside research will be accepted! This is not a research assignment.
– NO need for works cited page
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