Paper of poetry | English homework help

Before you begin Essay 2, you will read “Writing effectively” (p. 826-827, Kennedy & Gioia) and “Thinking about a poem’s sound” (p. 827, Kennedy & Gioia) and Chapter 43 of the Kennedy & Gioia textbook. Refer to the checklist on page 827 as you think about the poems you will use for your paper. Refer to pages 1950-1951 for quoting a poem in a paper, and view the video about citing a poem which is posted under this tab. You will cite each poem as a work in an anthology (p. 1986 in K & G). The anthology is the Kennedy &Gioia textbook. Kennedy & Gioia are the editors, not the authors.

The prompt for this writing assignment is based on the prompt given by Kennedy & Gioia on page 827, but has been modified to fit our purposes.


Choose 2-3 poems from our reading list or from anywhere in the Kennedy & Gioia textbook (MUST be from the textbook and not from another source) and examine how one or two elements of sound work throughout the poems to strengthen their meaning. This means you will have to assert–with a thesis statement–that the elements of sound you have chosen strengthen the meaning in the poems in a certain way (one that you will have to define).

Before you write, review the elements of sound described in Chapter 26 of the Kennedy & Gioia textbook. Back up your argument with specific quotations from the poem. Use line numbers and line breaks when citing the poem(s).

No secondary sources are allowed. You will need only your textbook and your analysis of sound as it relates to poems.

Word count: Minimum of 1000, excluding headers, in-text citations, Works Cited page, etc. In other words, the typed text you have for the interior of the paper (which contains the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion) should have a minimum of 1000 words.