“Organizational Structures” Please respond to the following:

HTM520 week 8 Discussion

“Organizational Structures” Please respond to the following:

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Justify the importance of two (2) functional departments that would commonly support a full-service lodging property’s management team. Provide two (2) examples that depict the manner in which the role of organizational culture affects the role of functional departments in supporting the mission, goals, and objectives of an organization.


From the e-Activity, select one (1) full-service hotel department from organizational chart (e.g., Finance, HR, Rooms Division, F&B, Housekeeping, Sales and Marketing, Technical Services, or Kitchen, etc.). Determine two (2) operational conflicts that would commonly exist between your selected department and another department. Support your response with real-life hotel examples of conflicts. Suggest two (2) resolutions to these conflicts. Justify your response.