Organisational Behavior PART 1 Group Report:  2500 words (organisation chosen : NTUC fairprice, Cold storage and Giant)

Organisational Behavior


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Group Report:  2500 words

(organisation chosen : NTUC fairprice, Cold storage and Giant)

The purpose of Part 1 of the assignment is to apply theoretical frameworks and concepts to an analysis of organizational leadership. You are to critically analyse and report on leadership issues and its impact on individuals and organisations from a range of media, especially in Singaporean and South-East Asian contexts. *(Demonstrate an understanding of leadership theories in the analysis)
Report content:
Qn 1. Describe briefly the business of environment of Singapore in which organisations and their leaders operate in. This information should be brief and relevant to the discussion of your assignment and thus may include current demographic and economic characteristics and the style of organisations in Singapore.

Qn 2. Conduct a leadership analysis drawing on both mainstream theories and contemporary leadership thinking, and draw conclusions on their relevance and implementation for Singapore organizational leaders.

·         Analyse the leadership approach(es) that leaders in organisations in Singapore apply, and its impact on their organisations.

·         Draw conclusion(s) about the approaches to leadership in Singapore, and to what extent organisations need to change, if at all, and why change to leadership approaches may be needed.

Qn 3. A minimum of 15 references should be utilized within the report. In addition to the references provided in the Topic 4 and Assignment 1 link, you are expected to research information from a wider range of sources.







Individual (20%, 500 words):
Write an individual short essay on the contribution that critical analysis of leadership theories makes to your understanding of organizational leadership, and how this knowledge will make a difference to your development as a future leader.
minimum of 4 references drawn from a range of sources should be applied.