Need top quality introduction related to threats that can be in



Introduction related to threats that can be in enterprises.


1) Identify and Analyze any two threats and attacks related to WAN. (ddos or dos)

– Analysis them (the operation of the threat/program)

– What the threat is doing ?

– How the mitigation can be done ?

– Replucation

– The damage it can make to the network or the system?

2) Suggest *two countermeasures* to *prevent* or *detect* the defined threats in Q1.

– How they can be stoped?

– Prevention techniques ?

– Detection techniques ?

3) Support your analysis by one research paper which cover one of the threats and proposed solution.

– Research paper related to dos or ddos ?

– Summarize the paper.

– Originatlity of the answer. (your own words)

– Research Paper from (ACM, IEEE, Sprinter)

** in-text Citation and Referencing using CU Harvard Style.

** 11 Pages