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Question 1-


Blockchain is an IT that has the potential to revolutionize many business processes and many organizations are already integrating blockchain technology into their business strategies. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and/or interpret a technological innovation (blockchain) through the lens of relevant course content (business-IT strategy).  To learn more and to prepare for the assignment, please review the following materials:

· McKeen & Smith, Chapter 2 – Developing IT Strategy for Business Value: McKeen Smith Chapter 2 Developing IT Strategy.pdf 

· What is Blockchain (6:26) –

· Blockchains: How can they be used? (7:07) –

· Why Blockchain Matters More Than You Think (5:55) –

You will submit a maximum 2-page strategy analysis paper addressing these prompts:

· Think of a traditional business, e.g. Walmart, and create a strategy for how it might use blockchain to gain competitive advantage.

o Give a brief description of the organization’s current business model if it is not a well-known organization.

o Describe your strategy in terms of one of the 5 types of initiatives from pp. 22-23 in the McKeen & Smith chapter.

o Explain exactly what competitive advantage is expected.

o Discuss what types of success measure the organization should use to evaluate the strategy.

· Guidelines:

  • 2 pages maximum
  • Single spaced
  • Margins – 1 inch
  • Font – no larger than 12 pt
  • References (if used) – APA style

Question 2

Please submit a word document with the answers to the following highlighted question numbers given below, available at the end of chapters 1 and 2.

1.1 – 1.4

Introduction & syllabus review

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Business Stats

Question: 25

2.1 – 2.6

Chapter 2 – Displaying Descriptive Statistics – Quantitative and qualitative data, stem and leaf displays, scatter plots

Questions:  11,23,36,38,41