Nannie Helen Burroughs – Civil Rights Contribution

Powerpoint (8-10 slides) and Research Paper (1500 words) on Nannie Helen Burroughs, Civil Rights Movement, and African-American History. Please see the assignment details + annotated bibliography (which applies to the ppt + paper). MUST USE MLA in-text citations and 5 source materials (please see attached). PLEASE READ ATTACHMENT CAREFULLY.

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AASP 201 6980 Introduction to African American Studies

July 20, 2020

Nannie Helen Burroughs: An Annotated Bibliography

BURROUGHS, NANNIE. “Civil Rights’a must,’ Says Miss Burroughs: President, National Trade and Professionhl School.” Afro-American (1893-1988) Jan 05 1957: 13. ProQuest. 21 July 2020

a) Primary Source

b) The audience intended for this source is the African-American community.

c) This source are interviews with Nannie H. Burroughs around 1957-1959. It provides insight on Nannie H. Burroughs perspective on the current state of affairs as it relates to the civil rights movement.

d) “The every day people of America are more “civil rights minded” today than they have ever been in the history of the nation. Civil rights legislation and enforcement is a “must”.”

Harley, Sharon. “Nannie Helen Burroughs: ‘The Black Goddess of Liberty’.” The Journal of Negro History, vol. 81, no. 1/4, 1996, pp. 62–71. JSTOR, Accessed 21 July 2020.

a) Secondary Source

b) The audience intended for this source is the African-American community..

c) This source provides a indepth look at Nannie H. Burroughs contribution to African-American history. It establishes what Nannie was like as a person, her philispohies, as well as, actual actions taken to assist move black men and women in America forward.

d) She was an ardent advocate for black people helping themselves and making a better life for themselves. She started the National Training School for Women and Girls.

Mason, Ann Michele. Nannie H. Burroughs’ Rhetorical Leadership During the Inter-war Period. PhD Dissertation. University of Maryland. College Park, 2008. 21 July 2020. Secondary Source

a) The audience intended for this source is college students.

a) Ann Michele Mason’s dissertation is focused on Nannie H. Burroughs leadership during her life. This resource was incredibly useful in gaining a deeper understanding of her contribution to the civil rights movement, especially as a religious women during this time.

b) Due to her upbringing, she was primed for a life as a civil rights leader. As a result of Burroughs efforts, especially her anti-lynching campaign, this would be one for the contribution to create a foundation for the civil rights movement.

“Nannie Helen Burroughs.” Notable Black American Women, Gale, 1992. Gale In Context: U.S. History, https://link-gale Accessed 21 July 2020.

a) Secondary Source

b) Audience intended for this source is global college-educated individuals.

c) This source provides a background of key aspects of Nannie H. Burroughs life. It gives a high-level overview of Nannie H. Burroughs biography. It specifically speaks to her passion for equal rights for black women.

d) “By a forceful address Miss Nannie Burroughs emphasized the duty the Negro owes to himself to learn his own story and the duty the white man owes to himself to learn of the spiritual strivings … of a despised but not an inferior.

Thornton, Joyce K. “Nannie Helen Burroughs.” Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia. 2020.<>

a) Secondary Source

b) Audience intended for this source is those conducting research on Nannie Helen Burroughs.

c) Joyce Thornton, provides an outline of Nannie H. Burroughs life. This will be useful in providing a background on the subject matter. The bibliography provides pertinent facts, such as her place of birth, early life, life’s work, and brief information on her signficance.

d) Nannie Helen Burroughs was born May 2nd, 1879 in Orange, Virginia.