Misformation Essay

Correcting Misinformation Paper

First the outline

This is an assignment in two parts.

In the first part of the paper, your job is to describe the sources of misinformation you found. For each source of misinformation you found, include the following:

· What misinformation does the source present? Describe it.

· Where did you find the misinformation?

· Who is the intended audience?

· How is this misinformation potentially harmful or dangerous?

· How did you determine it was misinformation?

· Why do you think this misinformation is circulated?

In the second part of the paper, your job is to correct the misinformation you found using the higher quality sources you found.

· What is the the more accurate version of the information you’ve presented?

· What makes the sources you found more accurate?

· How is this more information circulated?

· How can it be used to correct misinformation? What should be done to make sure people get this information instead of misinformation?

You should cite a minimum of 6 sources. You must cite sources from the course and sources from your annotated bibliography. If you need one or two additional sources, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t have to do much additional research. Focus instead on creating a logical and clear argument correcting misinformation.

Your paper must be 1500 words minimum and use MLA formatting.

Before you begin writing your paper, create a sentence outline of it. Use MLA formatting for your outline. Be sure to include citations to your sources in your outline as well as a works cited page.

Consider using the template attached. Note there are two templates in this file. Choose only one.






Second the final draft



Now that you have written an outline and received some feedback, you are ready to write your final draft of Writing Project Three.

You will definitely need to add some things and revise some things when you get to the final draft. Here are some things to think about as you work:

1. Use transition language to make smooth connections among your ideas. You definitely need to make transitions in your topic sentences because you introduce a new idea in each topic sentence. Here is a link with common transition language:

2. Include enough detail and explanation in each example to support your main idea. Be sure to use the best quote possible for making your point. AND be sure to explain each quote clearly. Don’t include quotes that don’t help your case.

3. Do use spelling and grammar check in Microsoft Word. They are not always correct, but nine times out of ten, they will catch a real error. Here are instructions for turning on and using spell and grammar check:

4. Make sure your final draft is at least 1500 words long. This is an absolute minimum. Strong essays may be up to twice that long.