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Complete 2

1. Read the case “Real Choices at Amazon” beginning on page 88 (after chapter 6). Incorporate the following topics in an essay format in the order depicted below using at least 1200 words demonstrating an understanding of both the READ and ATTEND sections. Select at least three appropriately related scholarly sources from the online Bethel Library Database and the textbook to incorporate into your work. Follow APA format. Refer to the grading rubric for evaluation details.

· Identification and discussion of two specific types of market research data and / or methods Amazon could utilize as they strategically plan their expansion in the online retail environment

· Discussion of each element of the marketing mix specific to Amazon Prime

· Discussion of one situational and one social influence that could sway the decision of a consumer to purchase an Amazon Prime membership


In 400 words discuss:

Define personal culture.

– Discuss your OWN personal culture.

– What are the core values ​​of YOUR particular culture?

– Specifically, how do these core values ​​affect your BEHAVIOR as a CONSUMER (in other words what do you purchase or not purchase due to your core values)? Generally, are your core values ​​collectivist or individualistic, and why?

– Most importantly, what are the implications regarding cultures and core values ​​for companies marketing products and services to consumers?

Be specific and provide EXAMPLES. Include scholarly research on core values ​​as they relate to consumer behavior.